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Frames and Lenses

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Frames and Lenses

View our frames here!

Consulting Optical Shops are excited to announce our new frame gallery! 

Click the link above to view our selection of frames/brands. 

Please note, when viewing our frame selections some frames will offer you a “Virtual Try-on” feature. When this feature is available you will see a pop-up and be able to choose a stock photo. Also, if you are using a device with a camera, you may simply snap your own photo and “try” the frame on! Our in-store selection may be different by location. If you are searching for a particular frame not found in our selection or have any questions, please contact our licensed opticians for further assistance.

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Designer Frames

Maui Jim OphthalmicsMaui Jim Suns
Prada (in our Farmington location)
Ray-Ban Suns
Kate Spade
Carrera Suns
Liz Claiborne
Claiborne for Men
Banana Republic

Sports Performance Frames

Rec Specs and Liberty Sport
Rudy Project (in our Farmington location)
Adidas Suns

Lens Technology

The latest technology in lenses to block HEV blue light exposure from smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices is available from Consulting Optical.  Studies are showing that the HEV blue light can contribute to tired eyes, headaches, poor night vision and increased sensitivity to light and glare.  Many of our new digital lenses have an embedded feature that reduces transmission of this light.  Stop into our optical shops and ask one of our licensed opticians to tell you about these innovative new lenses.

Conventional Plastic
Lighter weight and more impact resistant than glass lenses.

High Index

Thin, lighter weight lens material used to make strong corrections more attractive and comfortable. They absorb harmful UV light and come with a scratch-resistant coating.

One of the most impact-resistant lens materials on the market. This is the lens of choice for sports, children, and patients with reduced visual acuity. Polycarbonate lenses have a scratch-resistant coating and absorb harmful UV light.

Newest impact-resistant lens material is available. Features the clarity of plastic lenses with the strength, scratch resistance and UV protection of polycarbonate lenses.

A lens that changes from light (indoors) to dark (outdoors). Available in most lens designs and materials.

Single Vision
All-purpose lenses are available in all materials. Provides vision correction for one viewing area (distance, near or intermediate).

Conventional Bifocals/Trifocals
Segmented lens (lined) used to correct distance and near vision (trifocal gives added intermediate distance). Available in most lens materials and a variety of segment sizes.

Progressive Lenses
State of the art lens design used to correct distance, intermediate and near vision. Progressive lenses do not have lines and provide a smoother transition from distance to near viewing. Progressive lens technology has expanded tremendously in the past few years with over 600 different designs currently on the market. Consulting Optical has access to most of the lenses, including the latest customized, digitally surfaced lenses.


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